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Al Philipson, science fiction author and alien from another planet

Al Philipson was born somewhere around 1995 or later in the fevered imagination of a nerdish geek and sometimes technical writer who wants to remain anonymous when he writes fiction (including his tax return). Being a private person, he was afraid that his adoring fans (all three of them) would mob him both publicly and privately once his books caught on.

Unlike his nerdy creator, Philipson suffers from none of the weaknesses of “ordinary” humans. His body puts Mr. Universe to shame. He can bench press a Kenworth, he’s more intelligent than Einstein, and knock-down-gorgeous women find him irresistible.

His works to date include:

He snaps viciously at anyone who dares interrupt him when he’s writing.



1. goldcoastbooklovers - January 29, 2014

So great to read a funny about page!

Al Philipson - February 14, 2014

Thanks. It’s all true! I really am that awesome!

(Aside: Are they buying this?).

2. goldcoastbooklovers - February 15, 2014


3. Al Philipson - February 15, 2014

Just remember, I write fiction.

4. Sally Ember, Ed.D. - August 9, 2014

I LOVE your blog’s theme! Beautiful. And, thanks for posting such great science articles!

Al Philipson - August 10, 2014

You’re welcome. Glad you enjoy it. As a science fiction writer, I’m interested in cutting-edge science that I can extrapolate and use in my books. Plus, I’m generally interested in physics anyway (my minor in school many years ago). I’m happy to find other people who share my delight in new things and ideas.

Sally Ember, Ed.D. - August 11, 2014

I am interested for many of the same reasons! Let’s keep sharing when we find cool stuff! sallyember@yahoo.com

Best to you!


5. Al Philipson - August 11, 2014

I’ll keep posting and I’ve got you tagged to follow, so I’ll see your stuff. Thanks.

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