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Jean’s Cream Cheese Clam Dip

Something to spice up your potato chips when you’re serving snacks.


Drain the clams, but save the juice aside.

Dump the clams and cream cheese into a mixing bowl.

Add the other ingredients in moderation along with some of the saved clam juice.

Mix together with a strong spoon (and a strong arm) until it’s smooth.

Taste and add more ingredients until you like what you’ve got. Here’s where you get creative. It’s unlikely that each batch you make in the future will be the same. Some people will want a dip heavy on clam juice, others may want extra garlic.

Feel free to add other spices or ingredients as your creative muse dictates, but start small.

It’s easier to add something than to remove it after you’ve added too much.

Serve with ridged potato chips (or chips strong enough for dipping).



1. Al Kalar - January 1, 2013

Served this to guests on Christmas day. It went fast.

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