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Even an avatar gets a chance to read a book now and then (when I’m not otherwise busy saving the world or leaping tall buildings in a single bound). When I take time away from writing, I prefer to sit down with a good book (preferably science fiction, but I have a few other tastes).

If you’d like to read my meanderings, just click on the book title to the right, in the “Pages” list under “Book Reviews”, that interests you, check out the Goodreads list near the bottom of the right-hand column, or follow my reviews at Goodreads for a more extensive list.



1. Donald E. Zlotnik - June 28, 2013

Al–Thanks for your review on my novel; MYK: Prince of the Vends. It means a lot more when another author, who you’ve never met, thinks your work is good, especially when they write in another genre.

Al Philipson - October 26, 2013

It’s a great piece of work. And not all that far from what I do if you want to call it “speculative fiction”. The difference is that you have to know what you’re writing about (research) while I can get away with inventing my worlds (except for Time Twist – a short story I wrote for The Complete Alpha Dreamer).

2. C. M. Weller - October 26, 2013

I just finished reading My Plan Perfect – I love it! The attention to detail, the aliens (omg the aliens) I would recommend it to anyone 😀

Al Philipson - October 26, 2013

Thank you (blush).

3. Sally Ember, Ed.D. - August 9, 2014

If you’re interested in hard/speculative fiction with twists and turns in the multiverse, The Spanners Series might interest you. Vol I, This Changes Everything, is free. Vol II Free with reviewer coupon on Smashwords. Let me know what you think and if you’re interested in reviewing! Best to you!

Al Philipson - November 20, 2015

I can’t believe I let this slip. Just downloaded it to my “real person’s” Kindle (Amazon won’t let me review stuff because I’m not a real person).

4. Sally Ember, Ed.D. - November 21, 2015

LOL, Al. In an alternate multiverse timeline, you are a real person in every guise, I’m sure!

I hope you enjoy Vol I. If so, and you’d like to review Vol II and III, contact me and I’ll send you reviewer’s coupons for Smashwords freebies. sallyember AT yahoo DOT com

Best to you!


5. Al Philipson - November 30, 2015

Okay, I set this up for my next read (starting tonight).

Observation: I was 3% into the book before I found chapter one. I had to wade through the usual front matter plus several pages of reviews, about the author stuff, a huge TOC, etc.

Suggestion: Limit the front matter to title page, list of other books by you, copyright page, dedication and acknowledgements.

Also, lose the table of contents or shorten it extensively. Most people who read fiction don’t use a TOC.

You can take the excess front matter and put it in the back of the book. Use the testimonials in your advertising. Someone who opens the book to “peek” inside the cover, has already read the ad and wants to see what the writing is like.

Al Philipson - December 26, 2015

Sally, I just can’t get through it. The time jumps confuse my teeny brain and I can’t get a sense of what it’s about. Maybe someone with a real brain can do a better job of reviewing it.

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