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Jean’s By Guess and By Golly Slaw Dressing

I love cole slaw, especially with Hidden Valley’s dressing. Tonight I wanted some, but I was out of dressing, so I made up my own. I may never buy the commercial stuff again.

This is another one of those dressings you make by taste (and will probably never turn out the same way each time).


*I don’t like the sour taste vinegar brings to this recipe, but some people like it that way, so go with your own preference.

Start with the salad dressing and some sugar. I use just a little bit of oil and sherry to thin the mixture. Taste as you go. Start small and add more of what you think it needs.

I like it sweet, so I use more sugar than a lot of people might use.

The slaw:

I prefer to shred some fresh cabbage, peal and grate some carrot (more for color than anything else), and maybe shred a SMALL amount of red cabbage if I have it (be careful here since red cabbage has a strong taste of its own, this is just for color). Then I peal, slice, and cut up an apple into the mix.

Add the dressing and toss together. Again, start small and add dressing until you’re happy. A little goes a long way if you have patience while mixing the salad together.



1. Al Kalar - August 29, 2013

Instead of an apple. I’ve been known to add craisins cranberry raisins) or regular raisins.

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