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Children of Destruction

Children of DestructionChildren of Destruction was originally titled The Eighth Day.

It’s available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

“Philipson has taken what could have been an X-rated sex romp and turned it into not only a good science fiction saga, but an R-rated romance as well.” -Al Kalar

“This is science fiction in the tradition of Omega Man, I Am Legend, and just a touch of Robinson Crusoe…” John Bowers

“…it kept me up late at nights.” -Ben Brown

Children of Destruction is a science fiction story that starts next spring on a Wednesday.

Buck is the last man on Earth, stuck with 4 attractive women and a boy.  What is so special about them?  Why did they survive when everyone else was suddenly and mysteriously destroyed? What caused this catastrophe?

The answers are revealed in a story of survival that spans over 200 years. From their “adopted” farm to inter-species conflicts among the stars, you’ll meet the most unusual group of survivors ever contrived by circumstance and necessity.



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