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Future Man (4 stars)

Future Man by A. K. Usher

Future Man

by A.K. Usher
4.5 of 5 stars
A story full of plot twists and mystery. Several parallel stories challenge the reader to keep up. A nice surprise ending. The story that got more intense the further I got into it.


Someone’s messing with destiny.

David Larson is a writer whose stories come true. Is he the power behind this or is some power guiding his hand? Is this the Apocalypse?

Violet and Elijah were an unlikely pair, meeting under unlikely circumstance, but they were swept along with the unlikeliest occurrences. The old man seemed to control their destinies, but did they have to follow along? Can they stop the destruction and chaos that seems to be imminent?Who is this new being that has suddenly appeared out of an experiment in a hidden laboratory?
Who are the good guys and who is the enemy? Violet and Elijah have to find out before the end of the world overtakes them.

102,700 words (385 page paperback equivalent)

Rated “PG-13”

Also available at Amazon



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