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What They Are Saying

What They Are Saying about: Last Train from Earth

” An excellent read that kept me focused…I can’t wait for the next!”

-FW Hernandez

Very well written and insightful. Not your run of the mill science fiction novel. Surprise ending.


This is a nail-biter from page one, and the pages flip faster than Gone With the Wind. I’m not easily impressed and I was captivated right down to the last paragraph. I can’t wait for the next book. Five stars all the way.

-John B. Bowers

What They Are Saying about: Children of Destruction

“…science fiction in the tradition of Omega Man, I Am Legend, and just a touch of Robinson Crusoe. There’s mystery here, and suspense; Phillipson has woven a tale that takes turns you don’t expect.”

John Bowers

His values and adventures read like a Heinlein novel.

-Ken Brody

Children of Destruction is a fast-paced science fiction thriller that shows how all things, are, indeed, connected….

Philipson’s crisp style and subtle weaving of plots is reminiscent of Heinlein’s work, making this an enjoyable read.

-Kriss Erickson

“…the twists throughout part two leave the reader satisfied with some hope for mankind in the end.

-M. E. Frike

What They Are Saying about: SciFi Four Pack

” I enjoyed all four stories.”

-D. Dalaney

” I read this book as I took a three hour flight, and it kept me entertained through out. What more can you want from a book than to block out the fact that you’re at 38,000 feet. Very entertaining. 🙂 “


“Sometimes the best science fiction you ever imagined can be found in the anthology. Al Phillipson’s SciFi Four-Pack is just such a book, a short collection of four stories that each leave a lasting impression.”

-John B. Bowers

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