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New Version of Children of Destruction June 29, 2017

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Children of DestructionFTL has republished “Children of Destruction” with my recent changes. I’ve cut back on the sex. Another member of the writer’s group I belong to talked me into when it was first published.

FTL has it down to $2.99 USD and I think that price is permanent now.

If you’ve purchased the eBook from Amazon, you can download this version at no charge.

Buck is the last man on Earth. He has no idea what happened and is all alone until he hears a woman’s scream of terror. What follows is a post-apocalyptic struggle for survival that spans over 200 years. From their perilous beginnings to life-and-death conflict among the stars, meet the most unusual family of survivors ever fashioned by circumstance and necessity.

“Hard” military science fiction romance for older teens and adults.

Rated “PG-16”
If you like:
– “end of the world” thrillers,
– “cutting edge” science fiction,
– unusual romances (not your usual predictable romance),
– toned-down sex (not erotica nor porn) and some violence,
– sweep of history stories told through the eyes of involved individuals,
– Alien encounters,
– space battles,
then you’ll love Children of Destruction.

Version 3: Reduce the sex to a “PG-16” rating suitable for mid-teens


Children of Destruction Published February 16, 2011

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Children of Destruction, a science fiction novel by Al PhilipsonFaster Than Light has published Children of Destruction. It’s available  in eBook format at Amazon, Smashwords, and eventually several other outlets.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004NIFSXO

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/42055

It was originally titled The Eighth Day, but too many people were put off by the title (and it turns out that too many writers have used similar titles). Seems people thought it was a religious book of some sort (unintended consequences of poorly-thought-out choices). While it does have a small element of faith in it (the characters do worry about how their choices will affect their chances in the hereafter), that is hardly the main thrust of the story. (more…)