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Release of God’s Assassin Delayed May 3, 2017

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Amazon is having a problem converting em-dashes (—) properly, so God’s Assassin will be delayed until they can work this out. Computer programming can be a frustrating activity and I sympathize with their IT staff. I’m confident they will figure it out eventually. In the meantime, their marvelous customer service representative is keeping me in the loop.

While this is going on, I’ve started the next story in the Holy Christian Empire series under the working title of Princess Barbara (not the real title, but I’m keeping that a secret because I’ve had titles stolen from me before — including God’s Assassin, and Children of Destruction was stolen for a game). It’s the story of how Queen Barbara II came to power (the first Queen Barbara was Eric’s wife from Last Train from Earth). The story is set between Last Train from Earth and God’s Assassin, and starts in EY 2405, before the Empire got an official name (that’s another story).

Writing a new story can be a problem. I know how it starts and I kinda know how it will end, but the story between those two events isn’t cooperating. My muse needs to get her caboose in gear.

The Rites of Spring and Summer June 23, 2014

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BeautifulRoseBudAh, Spring. When a young man’s fancy turns to …

Mowing the grass!?

Well, around here, it’s still Spring, although the calendar and the passing of the summer solstice says it’s summer. The blasted green stuff is knee high in some places and the Geek’s poor lawnmower is hard pressed to knock the stuff down. He gets out there during his lunch hour (both of us work from home) and huffs and puffs as he chases the mechanical beast back and forth over the overgrown drain field (a combination of grass and weeds).

I’d get a kick out of it, except, since I live in his head, I’m kinda pooped out too after he stows the thing and stumbles back into the house and into the office. (more…)