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NASA Designing New Space Telescope November 20, 2014

Posted by Al Philipson in Science and Science Fiction news.
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JamesWebbSpaceTelescopeThe new telescope will be 100 times more powerful than the Hubble. It will orbit the sun at the same angular velocity as Earth, but about a million miles beyond Earth’s orbit.

By comparison, Hubble orbits the Earth which means it has some problems with emanations from our planet. However, Hubble can be serviced via space shuttle. The Webb will be on its own.

Designers hope to be able to see “to the edge of the universe” and thus see the energy from the original Big Bang. It should also be able to better see and evaluate planets around other stars (suns).

“Webb will have a 6.5 meter diameter primary mirror, which would give it a significant larger collecting area than the mirrors available on the current generation of space telescopes. Hubble’s mirror is a much smaller 2.4 meters in diameter and its corresponding collecting area is 4.5 m2, giving Webb around 7 times more collecting area! Webb will have significantly larger field of view than the NICMOS camera on Hubble (covering more than ~15 times the area) and significantly better spatial resolution than is available with the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope.”

The complete story.



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