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The Rites of Spring and Summer June 23, 2014

Posted by Al Philipson in Meanderings.
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BeautifulRoseBudAh, Spring. When a young man’s fancy turns to …

Mowing the grass!?

Well, around here, it’s still Spring, although the calendar and the passing of the summer solstice says it’s summer. The blasted green stuff is knee high in some places and the Geek’s poor lawnmower is hard pressed to knock the stuff down. He gets out there during his lunch hour (both of us work from home) and huffs and puffs as he chases the mechanical beast back and forth over the overgrown drain field (a combination of grass and weeds).

I’d get a kick out of it, except, since I live in his head, I’m kinda pooped out too after he stows the thing and stumbles back into the house and into the office.

I keep telling him to take a break and do some pruning. A lot of the ornamental bushes around here have declared war on their immediate neighbors with each one trying to smother the other out of existence. Oddly enough, when he first planted them 11 years ago, they didn’t look that close together. Must be all the compost he worked into the soil. He can’t even get to the drip system emitters for some of them to see if they’re still working. We’ll just have to see if any of them start to die, I guess.

Just to make matters worse, the rhododendrons are done blooming and need to be headed back along with some of the roses.

He’ll sure be happy when winter comes back.

I got sidetracked. One of the signs of summer is that book sales slack off. At least they have for mine. Everyone is out waging war in their yards or happily running around on vacation with their families. There just isn’t enough time to sit around and enjoy a good book like there was in winter. And southern hemisphere sales aren’t enough to make up for the lost sales up north.

So, I’ll continue to struggle with the Geek over time to write in the hope that I can finish another book in time for Fall when things start to slow down and a young man’s thoughts turn to …

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Sigh! There’s always something.

Independence Day is just around the corner for us Yanks. Enjoy the annual celebration of our freedoms, bought and paid for by the blood of patriots and our awesome men and women in the military.

And for us science fiction fanatics, there’s always the predictable annual showing of the movie Independence Day, where Will Smith sticks it to the aliens again with the help of an all-star cast.



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