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Review: For Love of Mother-Not June 5, 2014

Posted by Al Philipson in Reviews.

ForLoveOfMother-not A boy and his pet. How cute.

Except this pet is an Alaspinian Mini-drag who can fly and spits an extremely corrosive venom. “Pip” by name. Also, she’s very protective of Flinx (her owner). Actually, he found her in a pile of rubbish, cold and hungry.

They live on a backwater planet called “Moth” in the shady section of town, where Flinx’ “mother”, a querulous old woman who bought him off a slave block, plies her trade out of a shabby storefront.

Moth is part of the “Humanx” Commonwealth, made up of humans and an insectoid race who are “natural partners” with humans (in other words, they get along quite well in spite of their different appearances and cultures).

The story gets off to a rousing start when Flinx’ “mother” is kidnapped and he and Pip have to find and save her.

This is the first book in the Humanx series and it gets it off to a great start. I was hooked from the beginning. I heartily recommend it along with the rest of the series.



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