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Finding time to Write April 5, 2014

Posted by Al Philipson in Uncategorized.

For me, finding time to write is a major chore. Good writers block out some time every day. I’m happy if the geek will give me Sunday afternoon after church to write.

Well, I lucked out today (Saturday) and got almost the entire day to write and actually laid down over 2500 words in addition to some nit-picking with the parts I’d already written. Very relaxing.

I’m actually starting to get comfortable with my characters, especially Eric, the “hero” of the yarn. He’s been tough to get to know because there’s very little of me in him. He started out in my eyes as almost mythical. An Adonis with Herculean abilities, but he’s starting to step off Mount Olympus and acquiring some humanity. It’s the start of a journey, but he’s still not where I want him to be. But being a hard-headed character, he may never fall into line. They all develop minds of their own and tell me to get stuffed when I try to “tame” them.

By the way. If you haven’t read Buck’s interview (Children of Destruction), by all means give it a look. He agreed rather reluctantly to the grilling, so we may never get another chance to talk to him outside the book.



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