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Superbowl Champs and my Muse is Back February 9, 2014

Posted by Al Philipson in Uncategorized.

Well, as you now know, the Hawks won the Superbowl and the state went nuts for several days. What a rush! Even the normally reticent Marshawn Lynch (“Beast Mode”) came out of his shell, now that he doesn’t have to “stay in the zone” mentally and lead the parade, throwing his trademark Skittles into the crowd (he got an advertising deal before the game) and having quite a few thrown to/at him. Lots of fun for everyone and no behavior problems from the crowd.

Is this what won the game for us?

Is this what won the game for us?

I’m not sure who it was (probably Quarterback, Russel Wilson) that said at the end of the presentations, “Let’s do this again next year”.

Yes. Let’s.

Anyhow, now that the shoutin’ is all over, I can get back to work. Pumped out another 2400 words this weekend. As usual, when I get on a roll, I run out of time, but I’ll keep at it until Escape from Earth is completed.

Then the hard work starts. Re-write, re-re-write, etc.



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