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It’s a Hard Time to be a Writer January 31, 2014

Posted by Al Philipson in Uncategorized.

No, I’m not whining about economics. It’s a matter of distraction.

Seahawks-I am in ThumbYou see, I’m a huge Seahawks fan (so is the Geek), just like so many other people in this part of the world. It’s said that Seattle is a “football town”. Well, so is the rest of the state. We have baseball (the Mariners), but their performance is rather lackluster and the weather around here isn’t conducive to long baseball seasons. Rain is our lot (football weather). We had a pro basketball team, but lost them.

So, back to my problem. The Hawks are in New Jersey/New York preparing for Sunday’s game and that is preoccupying the media around here — and me. If I sit down to write, all that comes out is football. I’ve dreamed up several ways to torment my current set of characters, but I just can’t get it down on paper. The Geek is too busy preparing for his annual Super Bowl party and Sunday (my best time to write), we’ll be happily screaming our heads off with several other fans.

I wish you the same happy distraction.



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