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Plain Speaking: How (and why) was Al Philipson Created? August 5, 2013

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Where writer's Avatars live, Courtesy of SerendigityThis is “the Geek” talking. Al Philipson is giving me some time on his blog to talk about the real story behind his creation.

Many years ago, I was between “geeky” jobs (I was a computer nerd, playing with the “big iron”, the large IBM mainframes of the era; this was in the dark ages before personal computer). During this time, I had a story nagging me, so I used my suddenly abundant spare time to write it up — on a typewriter no less. I managed to knock out 50,000 words in a short period of time and mailed it off to my agent, under my real name. It was called, Rebirth.

While my agent was hawking Rebirth around New York, I landed another job. When her husband died, she decided to close her agency and mailed the manuscript back to me. I was so busy, I didn’t have time to find another agent, so I shelved it.

Skip forward 20 years. The writing bug was biting me again. I’d gone independent in my professional life (“rent-a-geek”) and had periods of free time between contracts, so I pulled out Rebirth and dusted it off. But the publishing industry had changed and the manuscript was too short and it no longer appealed to the new generation of readers. So, I joined a writer’s workshop and learned how to fix it (it took much longer than it sounds like). Then I renamed it, eventually to Children of Destruction (with the help(?) of the members of the workshop).

My wife and I had rediscovered Jesus and joined a closely-knit church family. Given the content of the story, it wasn’t something I wanted circulated within the congregation (if that sounds hypocritical, it’s because it is).  A pen name was needed if I didn’t want to deep-six the story. After so many years living with the characters, I didn’t want to murder them, so I invented Al Philipson.

Al now lives inside my crowded head. He has many imaginary characters to keep him company, but he thinks he invented them. He has an ego that’s as big as all outdoors. This is only matched by his tremendous physique, massive intellect, and stunning good looks.

Thank you, Al, for giving me some time on your platform.



1. Al Philipson - November 22, 2013

You’re welcome — I think.

Whad’da ya mean I “think” I invented them? You mean to say I didn’t?

This is massive trauma! I’m going to leap tearfully into bed, assume the prenatal position, and turn the electric blanket up to “9”.

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